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A New Take on City Living

The Lenora offers 42 unique luxury residential condominiums at 2636 E. York Street in Fishtown, Philadelphia. 6 stories with dazzling panoramic views of Center City, the Bridge and the Delaware River. The Lenora’s amenities are second to none, offering a spectacular community which embraces everything that makes Fishtown special.

The Lenora
The Lenora
The Lenora


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The former industrial hub of Philly, Fishtown is now a hipster haven, filled with warehouses being refurbished into restaurants, bike repair shops, and plenty of bars. While the original character of Fishtown is still intact, the area has gone through enough gentrification to make it a safe and downright fun place to live with easy access to downtown and the rest of the city. There is something inexplicably beautiful about the neighborhood. Unique in its aesthetic, diverse in its people, and intriguing in its nonchalance, Inspire is proud to serve this small pocket of Philly. In recent years, it has experienced rapid growth and increased infrastructural development, making it one of the most popular neighborhoods in the city for both young residents and business owners.

The Lenora
2636 E. York Street,
Philadelphia, PA 19125

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